Renovation Concepts Difference

You’ve heard the horror stories!! – undertaking a renovation of any size can be fraught with danger for a novice DIY renovator or weekend-builder. Even experienced renovation builders can be tripped up by a lack of current knowledge of Building Codes, Worksafe Practices, Health Regulations and the myriad of other regulations and policies.

In order to effectively manage a renovation project, most DIY renovators spend many hours every day managing multiple trades, negotiating project timelines, sorting out problems and processing paperwork.

Even if you do have the knowledge and experience to undertake the project yourself, and you have a large database of qualified trades at your disposal, the question should really be – do you have the time?

If your answer is no, then it’s clear that you will benefit from our services.

The majority of complaints people have when renovating are cost and budget related, and can range anywhere between poor quality workmanship and unreliable contractors, to unrealistic timeframes and costly unforeseen circumstances. All of these can not only slow down the construction process, but they can cost you thousands. At Renovation Concepts, you can rest assured knowing that our team are the best in the business and that your project will always be in safe hands.

Our team are fully qualified and certified to undertake all forms of renovations and home improvements. Whether you’re simply looking to revamp your style, renovate your entire home, or add an extension to provide some much needed extra space, our team will stand by you through planning, design and construction and will ensure that your project is a fabulous success.

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